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Our team helps medium, large & international corporations across a wide spectrum of industries. We offer scale up services with our Rent a Recruiter solutions. We work with our clients to understand the key challenges they face day to day. Our teams create recruiting strategies and offer solutions to remove common challenges.
Our recruiting solutions help organisations scale their workforce at speed. We can jump in when recruitment demand is high and leave when the rob roles are back under control.

Our goal is to make the process of recruiting as painless as possible.

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We’ve helped businesses big and small all over the world scale and fill hard to fill roles. Our team of professionals have over 20 years of experience. We help
talent leaders succeed. We dedicate Our Talent Acquisition teams to your business. We use winning strategies to attract and reach out to the best talent in
the market.

Modular Automation

Modular Automation

Recruitment Introduction Modular Automation are an Irish company that have devoted the past 30 years to delivering innovative custom automation, build to print and tooling solutions for the world’s most advanced manufacturers. Consecutively chosen as a Best Managed...

Zurich Insurance

Zurich Insurance

Recruitment Strategies Introduction  Zurich Life Assurance plc and Zurich Insurance are one of Ireland's most successful insurance companies, offering a range of services from their Dublin and Wexford offices. Zurich has been serving customers in Ireland for 40 years...

House Made Hospitality

House Made Hospitality

Hospitality Introduction  Rent a Recruiter helped House Made Hospitality to find an opening team for their new cafe in just 3 weeks. House Made Hospitality is a new and growing Sydney based hospitality business with seven venues at present and is due to double in size...



INTRODUCTION Swissport is the global leader in airport ground services and air cargo handling, both based on revenue and the number of airports served. By the end of 2021, Swissport was operating at 285 airports in 45 countries. The Challenge The challenge was...

NextDC – Case Study

NextDC – Case Study

INTRODUCTION Australia's most reliable data centre provider. NEXTDC is an ASX 100-listed technology company and one of the fastest-growing tech businesses in Australia right now. As Australia's most trusted provider of premium data centre solutions, they have a...

Arthur Cox – Case Study

Arthur Cox – Case Study

INTRODUCTION Arthur Cox LLP is one of Ireland’s leading law firms. They are an “all-island” firm with offices in Dublin and Belfast. They also have offices in London, New York, and San Francisco. With over 550 legal staff and a total headcount of over 800, Arthur Cox...



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Rent a Recruiter offers solutions for Business leaders and HR professionals. Our Talent Acquisition team helps you to find the best talent for your company. We also provide training programs for onboarded Talent Partners. We offer flexible recruiting solutions for all industries.

Take advantage of our three-month subscription contract. This flexible plan allows you to scale. We can jump in when recruitment demand is high, no commitment, no fees, no fuss.