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About Specialisterne

Specialisterne Ireland is a specialist recruitment service. We enable autistic people and those with other conditions, like ADHD, Dyspraxia/DCD and Dyslexia, to secure meaningful jobs and training opportunities. Specialisterne Ireland works as a matchmaking service between Candidates and local service providers, colleges, and partner companies committed to inclusive employment. We provide services at no cost to Candidates.

We support Candidates applying for jobs through CV and cover letter feedback, assistance with job searches, and structured mock interview preparation. For employers, we offer our Mentorship Programme. We are proud of our bespoke Candidate-centric approach – and the end-to-end communication we offer partner companies’ HR and managers. Specialisterne Ireland is unique in providing ongoing support, over months and years, to Candidates, employers or teams as needed. Consistent check-ins ensure that communication lines remain open and the placement is a productive experience for all.




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What are we looking for?

We are motivated by our vision of proving the business value in hiring people who think and communicate differently. A social enterprise, we use our knowledge of Autism and similar conditions combined with our extensive business experience. The model provides sustainable results. Specialisterne Ireland has successfully partnered with more than 30 companies since its establishment in 2013. By coaching businesses about effective onboarding practices for Autistic and neurodivergent colleagues, we help build diversity in the Irish labour market. We look to support neurodivergent Candidates, whether medically diagnosed or self-diagnosed, with a broad range of educational attainment and skillsets. From our partner companies across various sectors, we ask for a commitment to inclusive hiring practices.

What the team had to say!

The service I received was good, and I would recommend them wholeheartedly to people looking for ways to overcome how ASC affects making job applications.

What you can expect from us?

Specialisterne translates from Danish as ‘The Specialists.’ We are part of an international network of Specialisterne organisations across 13 countries. Specialisterne Ireland, as part of the Specialist People Foundation, contributes to a global goal of enabling meaningful jobs for one million neurodivergent people by 2030. In our work across Ireland, we have witnessed how companies benefit from hiring a diverse workforce.

Access to new forms of understanding fosters innovation and, at its best, enriches a sense of interpersonal connectedness at work. With our guidance, companies feel confident in establishing success by keeping communication systems open and listening to experiences from different voices. Many of the modifications used to support neurodivergent employees are surprisingly simple for companies to enact.

Through our coaching services, we show how adjustments in work systems empower our Candidates and companies. Establishing clear objectives for our Candidates encourages harmonious team collaboration by the shared articulation of goals and processes. Specialisterne Ireland shows how workplace inclusivity is about creating a culture shaped by and for everyone within it.

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