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July 7, 2022

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About Ceardean

As a design-led architectural firm, who formed in the embers of the recession, we learned how to get good clients, do great projects, and grow steadily in size and reputation during a competitive time. From a single person to a strong team of 10 today, our resilient character and ‘get it done’ attitude, forms the backbone of what clients expect from us. Clever Design, Planning Success, Value Construction and Great Projects completed on time, every time.

We’re a diverse mix of dedicated & experienced Architects, Technicians & Planners, coming from all over the world. And we gel together like only good friends do.

Most of us have been through the turmoil of a personal construction project so know exactly what it feels like and what it can cost. So coming from direct personal experience we manage client budgets like we would our own, and understand the vast difference between cost and value.

Apr 2010



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What are we looking for?

We seek fun, enthusiastic and easy-going people, who also fully appreciate the importance of completing projects in good time. We serve our clients well and enjoy exceptionally flexible working arrangements in return. We collaborate effectively and quickly taking full advantage of many digital communication tools.


What the team had to say!

Myself and my partner Paddy have nothing but great things to say about Ceardean Architects. Derek was professional, thorough, so responsive and his attention to detail was second to none. He has provided us with much needed help and assistance and I cannot recommend their services enough. 10 out of 10. (from Google Reviews)

What you can expect from us?

We’d consider ourselves an employee-centric organisation where the level of empathy and care towards employees results in amazing work for clients. Working here becomes a kind of lifestyle, and it’s not for everyone. We encourage you to live a good life and put family first, because that’s what makes us happy.

By carefully employing well experienced and qualified people, and offering a genuine work-life balance, employees enjoy a rare opportunity to work in a company where

efforts are rewarded and all employees are respected equally.

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