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July 7, 2022


About VRAI

We combine Virtual Reality & Artificial Intelligence to make simulation training more authentic, memorable and measurable. We have worked with IAG in Heathrow Airport, The United Nations in Somalia and are currently working with the RAF. Our insight is that VR, as well as being a great way of presenting data to a user, is also an incredible way to capture, measure and predict performance by collecting and analyzing the user’s performance in VR.

We believe in creating shared value for our customers, investors, employees and community by adopting the ‘Triple Bottom Line’ and the B Corporation constitution. This means our company has a legal obligation to focus not only on profit but also on people and the planet.

We want to create a work environment where people feel empowered, who can develop a sense of mastery over their work and purpose in what we are trying to achieve together. The ‘What we are looking for: A description of what type of candidates you are looking for. Warning: This will feature in your online public profile, please take care to be as inclusive as possible as this will impact your Employer Brand.




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What are we looking for?

We want to create a work environment where people feel empowered, where our teams can develop a sense of mastery over their work and a sense of purpose in what we are trying to achieve together.

We strive to give our employees freedom to decide how and what they do in order to achieve our company goals. With that freedom comes responsibility, we expect our employees to own their decisions, to take risks, to fail but to learn and to improve.

What the team had to say!

Excellent company. Really professional and very creative. Really happy with our app 🙂 100% would recommend.

What you can expect from us?

Because of our triple bottom line approach to business, we always try to balance profit, people and planet.

What you can expect in VRAI are:

  • Great work-life balance as its part of our culture. We value our people spending time with their families and friends and doing high quality, impactful work. We don’t care where and when you get the work done, what’s important is the quality and impact of the work.
  • We pay good salaries. We can’t compete with the likes of Google, we will always pay fairly at the market rate. We don’t do “unpaid internships”, we feel it is unfair to expect people to work for free and biases towards people from more affluent backgrounds.
  • We have committed to a gender balance and cognitively diverse company. That means that we value your perspective and who you are whether you are a software engineer, a designer, a data scientist, or a marketing expert.
  • An Employee Share Option Scheme is available to employees so that we can all succeed together when VRAI succeeds!

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