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“Rent a Recruiter provided us with an outstanding service. What started as a 3 month contract extended to 14 months, demonstrating their exceptional support during a challenging period for Nitro. Their Talent Partner skillfully navigated organisational restructuring and disruptions in the hiring process. We were thoroughly impressed with their performance always available, responsive, fast, and accurate. The flexibility of Rent a Recruiter’s service exceeded our expectations. We greatly valued the data and insights they provided, which drove key strategic decisions. We would happily use Rent a Recruiter again.”


Neil Spellman

Senior Recruiter, Nitro

“As CEO of Fixify, I have witnessed firsthand the impact that Rent a Recruiter had on our hiring process in a new territory. A combination of their cost structure and their dedicated staffing made them an attractive partner in our early days in Ireland. Their approach allowed us to quickly ramp, and to hire our Head of Helpdesk / Site Lead in a tight timeframe.”


Matt Peters

CEO, Fixify

“With Rent a Recruiter, we ​got a great resource – we did not have anywhere else to go to get the support. They were thrown in at the deep end and were required to provide a relationship driven solution to implement a new ATS and get people using it. Thanks to Rent-A-Recruiter- I was able to step away and focus on my own job. Our Recruiter was very strong on process, efficient and really pleasant to deal with – I couldn’t have asked for a better fit. They turned a solution around so quickly and at a price point that was value for money.”


Pauline Houline

Head of Talent, Arthur Cox

“As a fast-growing company who prides itself in offering the best service to its clients, we were finding recruitment a challenge, from sourcing ourselves or using recruitment agencies. Six months ago, we employed the services of Rent a Recruiter and haven’t looked back. The service we receive is second to none, professional and efficient. We have a personal recruiter assigned to our company who works closely with our HR manager. We now only receive top quality CVS that leads to interviews and job placement. It’s as simply as that, we would highly recommend Rent a Recruiter as the way forward for recruitment within your company.”


Karen Woulfe

HR Manager, Mastertech

“Woodies went through a period of growth and my HR team needed help screening applications coming from our job advertisements. Rent a Recruiter approached us and after a conversation to find out how they could add value, they ended up supporting us for 2 months and filled 40 store positions for us around Ireland. This was a huge help to my HR team and it allowed us to focus our time elsewhere. They were very efficient and got to grips with our systems very quickly. I would have no hesitation in recommending Yala and we’ll certainly be reaching out to them again.”


David Nally

HR Manager, Woodies

“Rent a Recruiter were a great help to us, as we had just won a big project and we needed to find a number of people. They were such time savers, as they did all the administration work around screening candidates through ads, but also sourcing great candidates too. It was hugely beneficial and we intend to use Rent a Recruiter for all recruitment in the future.”


Sharon Reilly

HR, Electric Skyline

“I highly recommend Jessica and Rent a Recruiter. She is an honest and forthright professional in her own right and does an excellent job matching company needs to a professional’s desires.”


Erin Jakubans

Head of People and Cultures, NextDC

“We engaged Rent a Recruiter to look after 3 hires for us initially. As we didn’t have the need for a full time in house recruiter –  Rent a Recruiters model was ideal for us as they could slot into our business seamlessly, use our Applicant Tracking System and act as our in house Talent Acquisition Team for the duration of the contract. We were impressed with Rent a Recruiters high level of expertise and customer focus. They delivered in 2 months what we had originally expected to take 3. We would have no hesitation in recommending Rent a Recruiter service to another business.”


Vincent O'Donoghue

Co-Founder, Social Talent

“The team were super responsive and helpful. I was very luck to be assigned Heather as our recruiter, who was very diligent on collecting details on what kind of profile we were looking for in terms of candidates. She would regularly check in on feedback, so she could apply new questions to future candidates she was screening. She was also remarkably thorough and efficient given the volume of applicants she managed to screen in such a short period.
For me, it meant I only had to deal with next round interviews and qualified candidates. I never felt I was wasting my time with candidates she provided, or that they weren’t in some shape or form, genuine contenders for the roles. In the end we got two great sales hires (BDR & AE ) that would have been very painful and time consuming to screen for ourselves. Thanks to Heather and the team at Rent a Recruiter.”


Anthony Clery

Sales Manager, Boundless

“Rent a Recruiter relieved a significant amount of pressure from our operational Managers and made the hiring process smooth, efficient and tapped into hidden talent through their resourceful and proactive approach. Rent a Recruiter were a pleasure to liaise with and we couldn’t recommend them enough!”


Leah Osborne

People & Capability, TFE Hotels

“Partnering with Rent a Recruiter was such a successful experience. Hiring a strong Business Partner who had the ability to hit the ground running and make a huge impact on our volume of requisitions, we would never have achieved the volume of sourcing and reaching as many candidates if it were not for Rent a Recruiter.”



Talent Acquisition Manager, Findex

“Jess and the Rent a Recruiter team have had a phenomenal impact on our businesses: working quickly to source, screen and set up interviews with candidates, we were able to boost our team numbers for increasing trade and new business openings at a rapid rate and with quality talent. I could not recommend Jess and her team’s services more highly.”


Justin Newton

Director, House Made Hospitality

“Engaging with ‘Rent A Recruiter’s’ Employer Branding Report service was transformative for us. The practical insights led us to make key changes, from revamping our job ads for better market distinction to optimising our website, boosting its appeal and visibility. Rent A Recruiter didn’t just provide an analysis, but a roadmap for effective employer branding. The little tweaks they recommended will certainly improve our candidate attraction. It’s a tool for precision and confidence in our employer branding journey.”


Annalisa Hajdari

Consultant, Clime Action

“We used Rent a Recruiter’s embedded solution for 6 months to work on specialist engineering roles in Ireland and the US. We loved the concept and felt it was an excellent business process. We liked their ‘hands-on’ account management and flexible approach. Their goals were clearly aligned with ours and we were impressed with how they took on board our feedback. The team are clearly committed to continuous improvement when it comes to ours and their own processes. Would be happy to use the service again for suitable scaling projects.”


Elizabeth McCarthy,

Global Mobilisation Manager, DPS

“Rent a Recruiter were easy to work with and got up to speed quickly on our recruitment needs. The service delivered was great in particular with the involvement of their Director, Mark Loughnane, who was engaged with us on a weekly basis. We were really impressed with the level of activity in particular high volume of candidates they reached out to on our behalf! The Rent a Recruiter team was a big support to HR and allowed HR to focus on HR!”


Tara Deer

HR, Marketing & Communications Manager, Modular Automation

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Trained talent acquisition specialists will work with your internal team. You will receive continuous guidance and support from our Operations Director. We provide weekly reviews to make sure you are up to date on each stage of the process.

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The short-term, project-based nature of the service means that businesses can quickly adjust their recruitment strategy as needed. Either to scale up resources or reduce their recruitment efforts depending on their needs.



We have a 3-month contract to allow you to avail of our service when you need us. After which, you can decide to stop or continue with our service. Our clients find this helpful, as they can turn the service on and off as they scale.


Our aim is to start adding value from day one. We don't hand you over to one of our staff and wish you well. We manage the recruiter on your behalf, ensuring consistency of service at all times.

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