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Rent a Recruiter – FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions

With a brand new way of recruiting, we have put together a comprehensive guide to help answer our most commonly asked questions.

Get in touch with our team should you require any further information. 

How does Rent a Recruiter service work?

We are a team of specialist talent acquisition partners with operating locations throughout the world.  Our Talent Acquisition Specialists work in partnership with your HR team. We are an embedded recruitment service provider.

We manage the Talent Acquisition Specialist on your behalf, ensuring consistency of service at all times. We agree on deliverables ahead of time and we deliver what we promise. We focus on key actionable KPI’s and provide clear transparent reporting structures to our clients.

How is the Rent a Recruiter model different?

We are a unique in our model, we offer specialist talent acquisition teams who can source, screen and place qualified candidates for a list of your open, critical or harder to fill roles. Unlike traditional recruitment specialists, our Talent Partners work as an extention of your HR team.

We help Business leaders and HR managers succeed. We offer a dedicated monthly subscription model, allowing you to scale quickly by freeing you up to do what you do best.

Rent a Recruiter, offers winning strategies and talent resource pools to help you scale. 


What's your payment structure?

We do things differently at Rent a Recruiter. We charge an all-inclusive flat monthly subscription with no additional fees upon placement.

The benefit to our clients include acurate forecasting, increased budget efficiencies,  less downtime, on demand expertise and resources. Specialist Talent Acquisition support when you need it, how you need it and where you need it. 

Our model makes it easier for clients to plan ahead, and ensures we are working in line with your business goals.


What are the benefits of working with Rent a Recruiter?

We offer a completely bespoke service to our clients. How we build our support structure is completely dependant on where you need assistance.

The benefits our clients avail of include:

Flexibility – Short term 12 week contracts are available. We can jump in when needed and leave once the roles are filled.

Cost Benefits – Our service offers huge savings per hire versus traditional recruitment services. Our flexibility helps you hire when demand is high.

Leading technology – We help you fill roles faster with a wide reach and client pool. 20 years of recruitment experience coupled with winning technology led strategies we will help you scale in line with your business objectives.


What services do you provide?

We help you build stronger, faster, more efficient teams with less stress and quicker placements. Our service options include: Administration, Sourcing and Fully Embedded support services. Our plans are fully bespoke. Scale your business today with our team of award winning recruiters.

For a full list of service options visit our services page 

Do you work with a talent team, or do you work independently?

The answer is ‘We can do both!’

We work with clients who have a HR team but no talent team and manage all of their recruitment needs, we also work with large talent teams who are overwhelmed and are in need of support. We have also worked with business owners and directors to help them to build their team from the ground up! Whatever your recruitment needs are, we are here to help. We offer a subscription based model and deliver a much higher number of candidates than the traditional recruitment model.

What is the difference between an RPO and Rent a Recruiter?

We are similar. We like to think of our service as an “agile RPO”. Normally RPOs can be overly complex projects that run for 12 months+, with a lot of commitment from both parties, lots of red tape and huge amount of effort to set up and get right.

Our model works a little different, as we are more “plug and play”. We offer a short-term service with all the same benefits of an RPO, but without the commitment to a long term contract.

Do you offer industry specific recruiters?

In 2022 recruitment has changed dramatically, if you are thinking that you need to stick with an industry specific recruiter, you will be left behind. A network will only last so long. This is the year to think outside of the box, this is the year to be diverse, we bring people from various backgrounds, regions and experience levels, as we know that this diversity leads to powerful recruiting processes and ideas.

We have 360 recruiters, everyone on our team has extensive recruitment experience. They are managed by our Operations Director to ensure consistency and efficiencies are executed throughout their placement. Our on demand recruitment service offers support solutions where we can jump in and help out source ideal candidates for the role, and to do this, a specific network is not needed.

Do we chose the recruiter from a selection?

Simple answer, is no. We have a specialised team of recruiters that offer extensive experience throughout a wide range of industry sectors. We of course, try to match experience to the roles needing to be sourced.

Our global teams have years of experience and connections that we can tap into. Our Operations Director will manage the recruiter on your behalf, ensuring consistency of service at all times. We agree on deliverables ahead of time and we deliver what we promise. 

What happens if the recruiter that I rent is sick?

People have sick days, that is part of life. If your recruiter is sick for more than 1 day, we will extend your contract by the number of days they are sick.

If there is an urgency around a particular role, our Operations Director is available to assist in the interim. 

How soon can you start?

We can get started as soon as possible. Really it all comes down to a recruiter being available. We aim to get started with an account within a week. Sometimes this is possible, and sometimes it is not. We know that when clients come to us, the need for assistance is strong, and that is why we aim to start working with you as quickly as possible.

If you're are not successful in finding candidates/ filling roles, is there any refund?"

No, as I’m sure you understand, it wouldn’t be feasible to offer refunds or guarantees. We offer recruitment as a service (RaaS) therefore we cannot refund a service that has already been completed.

We provide a clear and transparent reporting structure. Our teams work very closely with internal teams. You will at all times be fully up to date on agreed KPIs. 

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Global Operating Locations

Rent a Recruiter is an award winning, internationally recognised specialist talent acquisition service with operating locations in Europe, the Middle East, Australia and the US.

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