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Rent a Recruiter

Embedded Talent Acquisition Teams


employees for your company


employees for your company


employees for your company


employees for your company

Exceptional Talent Acquisition Partnerships 

 We are a unique recruitment service, offering specialist talent acquisition teams who can source, screen and place qualified candidates for a list of your open, critical or harder to fill roles. 

Delivering Exceptional Talent Quickly 

We help Business leaders and HR managers succeed by providing experienced in-house talent acquisition teams that work in partnership with your HR team. We offer a dedicated monthly subscription model, allowing you to scale quickly by freeing you up to do what you do best.

Rent a Recruiter, offers winning strategies and talent resource pools to help you scale. Combining our technical expertise & specialist support teams. We help to make your next recruitment campaign a success.

Take a look at our most recent case studies for more information on how we can support your growth. 


How it works 

Rent a Recruiter are a technology led, embedded recruitment service provider.

Our Talent Acquisition Specialists work in partnership with your HR team.  We manage the recruiter on your behalf, ensuring consistency of service at all times. We agree on deliverables ahead of time and we deliver what we promise. 

Specialist Talent Acquisition Team Employee Meeting

No Commission 

We do things differently at Rent a Recruiter. We charge an all-inclusive monthly subscription with no additional fees upon placement.

This makes it easier for companies to plan ahead, and ensures we are working in line with your business goals.

Specialist Talent Acquisition Embedded Teams

Embedded Teams 

Unlike traditional recruitment specialists, our Talent Partners work as an extended part of your HR team.

We integrate seamlessly with existing teams and key stakeholders. We help you build  better, more diverse recruitment campaigns.

Specialist Talent Acquisition Team

Data Driven Results

We focus on key actionable KPI’s and provide clear transparent reporting structures to our clients.

We monitor our customer centric approach using Net Promoter Scores to ensure we are delivering the best possible service to our client’s time and time again.

Benefits of Working with Rent a Recruiter




Trained talent specialists will work with your internal team. You will receive continuous guidance and support from our Operations Director. We provide weekly reviews to make sure you are up to date on each stage of the process.

Reduced Risk

The short-term, project-based nature of the service means that businesses can quickly adjust their recruitment strategy as needed. Either to scale up resources or reduce their recruitment efforts depending on their needs.




We have a 3-month contract to allow you to avail of our service when you need us. After which, you can decide to stop or continue with our service. Our clients find this helpful, as they can turn the service on and off as they scale.


Our aim is to start adding value from day one. We don’t hand you over to one of our staff and wish you well. We manage the recruiter on your behalf, ensuring consistency of service at all times.

Flexible monthly subscriptions

No Commission, No Fees, No Fuss

Trusted by Companies Worldwide

We Deliver 


Specialist Talent Acquisition

Flexibility & control 

Three-month contracts, with a dedicated  or exclusive talent team. Flexibility and expertise when you need it. 

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Exceptional teams

Speed is key in securing top quality candidates. We have exceptional teams to make the hiring process as seamless as possible.

Specialist Talent Acquisition Team Photo

Faster hiring processes

No training, no onboarding, specialised Talent Acquisition Partners are ready when you are. We fit seemlessly into your existing team with resources, and a results driven attitude.

Embedded Recruitment Team

Expert knowledge base

We have a team of resources available at your disposal. We work effortlessly to deliver on our promise, we take the headache out of recruitment and let you focus on the business.

Faster, Fairer, Cheaper Hiring!

Just a monthly flexible subscription plan for when you need hiring support.

Check out the results we’ve delivered!

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