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  • Placements: 18
  • Timeframe: 4 Months

Environmental Recruitment Success

VicReturn was appointed Scheme Coordinator for CDS Victoria, they work with the government and partners to oversee the building of a large-scale container recycling network which will play a key role in transforming Victoria’s waste and recycling system. VicReturn is a not-for-profit entity appointed as Scheme Coordinator of “CDS Vic” to administer the Victorian CDS, as announced by the Victorian Government.

Environmental Recruitment Challenges

The newly established organisation required support in recruitment, as it embarked on its startup journey. VicReturn was in search of an individual who can join the team temporarily, playing a crucial role in ensuring that the candidates chosen aligned effectively with both the necessary skillset and the organisational culture. This undertaking is time-sensitive, given the imminent launch of Vic-CDS in November.



  • 18 senior roles filled in 4 months


  • Time critical
  • Attracting high quality candidates
  • No company culture


  • 1481 applicants screened
  • Over 600 hours saved for HR

Rent a Recruiter Solutions

Rent a Recruiter stepped in and got straight to work covering recruitment. We spent time understanding the skills required for each brand-new role, and were able to create all job ads and descriptions that the newly appointed CEO signed off on. The open communication lines from all stakeholders helped to ensure the success of the recruitment function. We were able to build momentum and excitement around the roles to attract high-quality candidates to the organisation.


“I am absolutely thrilled with the exceptional work done by Rent a Recruiter in building a remarkable team for my organisation. From the
very start, their approach demonstrated a deep understanding of our company’s values, goals, and the unique skills we were seeking.
Their commitment to finding the perfect fit was evident throughout the process.​”

Jim Round

CEO, VicReturn

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