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Case Study

Sheldon College

Sheldon College Recruitment


  • Placements: 25
  • Timeframe: 5 Months

College Recruitment Success

Sheldon College, a private school in Brisbane, educates children from 15 months of age through to Year 12 and is recognised for outstanding achievements in the academic, sporting and cultural arenas. Committed to its philosophy of Love, Laughter and Learning, Sheldon College is a learning community where every student can achieve and experience the ‘extraordinary’; where aspiration and the traditional values of respect and service, combine with progressive thinking to define the way they work and the outcomes they achieve.

College Recruitment Challenges

The HR Manager at Sheldon College faced the overwhelming burden of managing all recruitment tasks, detracting from her ability to focus on essential daily responsibilities and impeding progress on vital processes and system implementations. Recognising the need for support, Rent a Recruiter was engaged to oversee the entire recruitment process. By entrusting this responsibility to a specialised service provider, the HR Manager regained precious time to dedicate to cultivating a positive work culture and advancing crucial initiatives.



  • 25 candidates placed within diverse roles spanning the entire school system


  • Timely recruitment
  • Too many roles for HR to manage
  • Too many applications to be screened


  • Positive candidate experience
  • Smooth and easy recruitment process
  • Positions filled quickly

Rent a Recruiter Solutions

Rent a Recruiter seamlessly integrated its Talent Subscription with Sheldon College, taking charge of their recruitment inbox and processes continuously. Within just 5 months, Rent a Recruiter has efficiently placed 25 candidates in diverse roles spanning the entire school system. This strategic partnership has not only relieved the burden of recruitment tasks but has also ensured the timely acquisition of qualified talent, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of Sheldon College’s staffing endeavours.


“Partnering with Rent a Recruiter has been a great investment for our organisation. Their seamless integration of the Talent Subscription model has revolutionised our recruitment processes and our candidate experience. Rent a Recruiter’s dedication, expertise, and importantly the personalised approach have truly made them an invaluable partner in our quest for talent.​”

Marisa Goss

Director of Human Resources, Sheldon College

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