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Case Study

Prepay Power

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  • 26 placements 
  • Time frame: 2.5 months


Prepay Power, a leading energy provider, faced the challenge of efficiently recruiting top talent for various roles, including Telesales, Customer Experience, Sales, Customer Support, Online Support, Junior Sales, and Field Sales Representatives. Rent a Recruiter partnered with Prepay Power to address their recruitment needs, optimising the hiring process and enhancing the candidate experience.




  • 26 Placements
  • 11 Field Sales Representatives
  • 2.5 Month Time frame

Our Role:

  • Sourcing candidates.
  • Screening candidates.
  • Scheduling interviews.
  • Job ad optimisation.


Prepay Power encountered two primary challenges in their talent acquisition process. Firstly, candidates not showing up for interviews resulted in time wastage and disrupted the hiring timeline. Secondly, their job ads on Indeed were not attracting the desired pool of candidates due to low visibility and rankings.


Rent a Recruiter diligently reviewed and phone-screened candidates from diverse backgrounds to match Prepay Power’s specific role requirements. The recruitment process encompassed Telesales, Customer Experience, Sales and Customer Support, Online Support, Junior Sales, and Field Sales Representative positions.

Rent a Recruiter provided comprehensive services that included:

CV Sourcing on Indeed: Rent a Recruiter sourced qualified candidates from Indeed’s extensive database, seeking out potential matches based on skill sets and experience.

Shortlisting from Occupop: Suitable candidates were shortlisted from Occupop’s platform, streamlining the initial screening process.

Interview Arrangements: Rent a Recruiter efficiently scheduled first and second-round interviews for selected candidates, minimising delays and expediting the hiring process.

Indeed Metrics Review: The existing job ads on Indeed were audited and optimised based on market research. Changes included adjusting salaries to start at 24k, adding “no experience required” in the intro paragraph, and using the “door to door” tag to attract more candidates.

Swift Feedback and Offers: To enhance candidate experience, feedback from interviews was promptly provided, allowing for swift decision-making and reducing time-to-hire. Quick offers were extended to successful candidates, ensuring a seamless transition into their roles.

Rent a Recruiter successfully addressed the challenges faced by Prepay Power:

Candidate Attendance: Measures were taken to address candidate no-shows by streamlining communication and ensuring clear expectations were set during the interview scheduling process.

Job Ad Visibility: By optimising the job ads on Indeed, Rent a Recruiter significantly improved visibility and rankings, attracting a more relevant pool of candidates.



Rent a Recruiter’s efficient and targeted approach yielded significant value to Prepay Power:

Successful Placements: A total of 26 placements were made, with 11 Field Sales Representatives successfully recruited within just 2.5 months.

Time to Hire: The streamlined process resulted in an impressive time to hire of 1-2 weeks, reducing time wastage and expediting talent acquisition.

Cost Per Hire: The cost per hire was optimised at €742, reflecting Rent a Recruiter’s cost-effective recruitment approach.


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Rent a Recruiter’s strategic partnership with Prepay Power led to exceptional results, empowering the company with a dynamic talent pool, efficient hiring process, and cost-effective recruitment strategy. The collaborative efforts between Rent a Recruiter and Prepay Power have paved the way for continued success and growth within the organisation.

Benefits of Working with Rent a Recruiter


Trained talent acquisition specialists will work with your internal team. You will receive continuous guidance and support from our Operations Director. We provide weekly reviews to make sure you are up to date on each stage of the process.

Reduced Risk

The short-term, project-based nature of the service means that businesses can quickly adjust their recruitment strategy as needed. Either to scale up resources or reduce their recruitment efforts depending on their needs.



We have a 3-month contract to allow you to avail of our service when you need us. After which, you can decide to stop or continue with our service. Our clients find this helpful, as they can turn the service on and off as they scale.


Our aim is to start adding value from day one. We don't hand you over to one of our staff and wish you well. We manage the recruiter on your behalf, ensuring consistency of service at all times.

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