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Case Study


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  • 15 Placements, +3000 Passive candidate reach outs, 2:1 CV to interview ratio

Tech Recruitment Success: Nitro

Nitro is a leading global document productivity company that offers software solutions to streamline document workflows. With offices in Berlin, Budapest, and Dublin, Nitro serves customers worldwide, providing innovative tools for creating, editing, and signing digital documents.

Tech Recruitment Challenges:

Our client approached our team seeking assistance in filling various technical and sales roles across multiple locations, including Berlin, Budapest, Toronto, UK and Dublin. The goal was to identify top talent with the right skill sets and cultural fit to help drive Nitro’s continued growth and innovation.


Tech Recruitment Solutions:

Our talent acquisition team devised a comprehensive approach to address Nitro’s recruitment needs. By leveraging our expertise and utilising various recruitment tools and platforms, we provided a tailored solution to address their challenges.

Our solutions involved embedding a dedicated Talent Partner into Nitro’s organisation.

Our specialist Talent Partner seamlessly integrated into Nitro’s operations, gaining access to their Applicant Tracking System (ATS), email communication, and Slack channels. By working on behalf of Nitro, the Talent Partner benefited from direct communication with Nitro’s hiring managers, ensuring efficient collaboration, streamlined processes, and significant cost and time savings. In addition our team can offer an improved candidate experience by fully engaging with potential candidates throughout the recruitment cycle.

Placements: 15 Roles Across Multiple Locations (Dublin, Berlin, Budapest) Breakdown consisted of 65% Tech roles & 35% Sales roles.

Candidate placements:
Information security officer, Principal Eng role/ Senior Software Eng, Platform Engineer, Senior Test Automation, Front end Engineer, C sharp Developer, Frontend Developer.



  • 15 Placements
  • +3000 Candidate Reach Outs
  • 2:1 C.V to Interview Ratio


  • Time critical
  • Attracting high quality candidates

Our Role

  • Sourcing candidates
  • Screening candidates
  • Scheduling interviews
  • Providing data and insights into the the target talent marketplace
  • Services: Employer Branding Health Check & Action Plan


“Rent a Recruiter provided us with outstanding service. What started as a three-month contract extended to 14 months, demonstrating their exceptional support during a challenging period for Nitro. Our Talent Partner skillfully navigated organisational restructuring and disruptions in the hiring process. We were thoroughly impressed with their performance, always available, responsive, fast, and accurate. The flexibility of Rent a Recruiter’s service exceeded our expectations. We greatly valued the data and insights they provided, which drove key strategic decisions. We would happily use Rent a Recruiter again.”

Neil Spellman

Senior Recruiter, Nitro

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