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Case Study


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  • 53% Annual savings on recruitment spend vs traditional agencies costing
  • +3000 Passive candidates reached out to. 4:1 CV to interview ratio
  • Placements ongoing to date positions include: Project Managers, Maintenance Electricians, Foreman, Engineers, Estimators.


In December 2022, the company subscribed to Rent a Recruiter’s services for a year to help source suitable candidates for roles in and around Dublin. This case study examines how Mastertech overcame recruitment challenges and successfully hired suitable candidates for various roles.

– Mastertech is a leading provider of HVAC, Refrigeration, MEP, and Network and Utilities services across various sectors in Ireland.



Mastertech’s recruitment process was slow, and the job market in Dublin was highly competitive. The feedback from hiring managers was also slow, and many job sites were filled with similar roles.



  • +3000 Passive candidates reached out to.
  • 4:1 CV to interview ratio
  • Placements include:
  • Project Managers
  • Maintenance Electricians
  • Foreman
  • Engineers
  • Estimators

Our Role:

  • Sourcing candidates.
  • Screening candidates.
  • Scheduling interviews.
  • Providing data and insights into the the targe talent marketplace.


We implemented the following process improvements for:

  • The length of the recruitment workflow in Ireland, UK.
  • Job descriptions.
  • Applications backlog.
  • Screening candidates in calls.
  • Scheduling of virtual interviews.
  • Selection process.


To address these challenges, Rent a Recruiter worked as an extension of the Mastertech HR team, with access to the company’s emails. The recruiter utilised LinkedIn to reach out to potential candidates and liaised directly with hiring managers. Weekly meetings with HR and managers were held to review progress and address any concerns. The recruiter also managed Mastertechs Indeed page, including posting and sponsoring job ads. Additionally, the recruiter conducted screening calls and organised interviews for potential candidates.


Key Metrics: Mastertech’s collaboration with Rent a Recruiter resulted in significant improvements in the recruitment process.

The following key metrics were achieved:

Time to respond to vacancies with CVs: Under 5 days
Brand building: Over 3,000 reach outs
CV sent to interview ratio: 4:1
CV sent to placement ratio: 7:1
Interview to placement ratio: 2:1


MAstertech HR Manager Karen Woulfe

As a fast-growing company who prides itself in offering the best service to its clients, we were finding recruitment a challenge, from sourcing ourselves or using recruitment agencies. Six months ago, we employed the services of Rent a Recruiter and haven’t looked back. The service we receive is second to none, professional and efficient. We have a personal recruiter assigned to our company who works closely with our HR manager. We now only receive top quality CVS that leads to interviews and job placement. It’s a simply as that, we would highly recommend Rent a Recruiter as the way forward for recruitment within your company.

Karen Woulfe – HR Manager

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  • Project Managers
  • Maintenance Electricians
  • Foreman
  • Engineers
  • Estimators
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