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Case Study

Kaon Automation

Kaon Automation


Kaon Automation is an automation specialist in Ireland. They have been providing custom designed automation solutions to leading manufacturing companies globally since 2005 and have a proven track record of providing innovative and flexible solutions through a strong emphasis on enhancing productivity and efficiency. Applying their expertise, they use standard components from leading suppliers to build high-quality machines that deliver value while maximizing capital budgets.

The Challenge

The challenge was finding Senior Mechanical Design Engineers and Senior Control Engineers In Ireland and the EU region that fit the exact criteria KAON Automation were looking for. Also, helping with the administration requirements of processing these candidates:

  • Reach out to passive candidates in Ireland and EU region
  • Conduct screening calls
  • Arrange interviews
  • Assistance with the selection process.

The Solution

Rent a Recruiter’s embedded recruitment solution was implemented to support KAON Automation in sourcing candidates for engineering roles for their offices in Sligo/Cork. They would normally have put up ads for applicants or relied on their referral network. However, these roles had been open for over a year and they required expert help in sourcing to find candidates and map the market. They did not have an internal recruitment team but 1 HR Executive and heavily relied on her support for filling roles. With these roles being very niche and the market being so competitive, they needed help sourcing for suitable candidates, instead of just relying on job ads.

How we Supported KAON

Rent a Recruiter’s embedded recruitment solution was implemented to support KAON Automation find new talent for their new office. Our Account Director and Talent Partner were assigned to work with KAON,  they managed their talent acquisition function  from April to July 2022.

Rent a Recruiters Talent Partner acted as KAON’s in-house Recruiter, offering greater hiring efficiency without the high costs associated with agency fees. KAON was able to leverage Rent a Recruiters know-how to take the headache out of the recruitment process for the company.

Our account management team spent time virtually meeting the HR Executive and the Hiring Managers from different departments in order to gain a better understanding of:

  • Current requirements
  • Ideal candidate profiles
  • Job descriptions
  • Company culture

With Rent a Recruiters Talent Partner in place and with a detailed understand of the positions, we commenced our campaign through a combination of database sourcing.

Kaon Automation Rent a Recruiter Case Study
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The Results

  • 2800+ reach outs in 8 EU countries
  • Streamlined recruitment process to improve traction and reduce time to hire: Removed tech assessment and Removed portfolio request
  • Improved response rate by promoting salary and hybrid working arrangement at initial candidate engagement.

Our Roles:

  • Screening candidates
  • Scheduling and conducting interviews
  • Making candidates Offers


We took over and remedied:

  • The recruitment process in Ireland & the EU Region
  • Job descriptions
  • The backlog of applications
  • Screening
  • Interviewing 
  • Assistance in the selection process

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