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Case Study

DPS Group

DPS Outsource Recruitment Services


  • 17 Roles, 2,663 candidates reached, 78 candidates interviews, 54 candidates submitted to DPS USA


Established for over 40 years, Arcadis DPS Group is a global consulting, engineering and construction management company, serving high-tech industries, employing 2000 people around the world. They have industry experts in key locations in Europe, the U.S., Asia and the Middle East, bringing world-class resources and the latest innovative technologies to every project.

Rent a Recruiter partnered with DPS in the US on May 23rd 2022 to provide support in sourcing candidates for roles on a major semiconductor site in Arizona, Oregon & Ohio


  • The positions were highly specialised and/or required very specific expertise and levels of experience.

    • Hiring Managers were looking for candidates with experience on multimillion dollar projects with minimum $300million+
    • Once candidates were screened and submitted, they needed to pass through many approval stages pre-interview which often resulted in long delays.
    • They faced communication issues across multiple teams and locations.
    • Management requirements on skills and expertise caused delays with feedback.
    • Challenges also existed around packages on offer and location – roles were based on-site across the Oregon, Arizona and Ohio sites.
    • Many roles had been opened for over 6 months before Rent a Recruiter came on board.


    The Results

    • 17 Roles
    • 2,663 candidates reached
    • 78 candidates interviews
    • 54 candidates submitted to DPS USA

    Our Role:

    • Recruitment administration support
    • Providing market data and insights
    • Developing talent acquisition strategies
    • Sourcing
    • Screening


    Rent a Recruiter’s embedded recruitment solution was implemented to support DPS. Account Director Mark Loughnane, along with a Recruitment Manager and a Senior Recruitment consultant were brought onboard to assist with the recruitment process.

    Weekly meetings were arranged with the DPS Management team to ensure clear communication and regular updates, especially around very niche positions and our market search.

    This gave Rent a Recruiter an opportunity to ensure feedback for candidate’s submittals was coming back within an actionable time frame, along with keeping DPS updated on the candidate search results.


    Once Rent a Recruiter had established clear communication processes with DPS, we commenced our recruitment process by:

    • Developing Job Descriptions & Ads for each position
    • Job Advertising across our systems and Networks
    • Creating candidate searches & Sourcing candidates via search tools and our database
    • Conducting Screening Calls / Preparing Applications
    • Arranging interviews & submitting weekly reports on candidate submittal & interview status
    • Regular meetings with Hiring Mangers to follow up on submittals and discuss role specifics.



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    “We used Rent a Recruiter’s embedded solution for 6 months to work on specialist engineering roles in Ireland and the US. We loved the concept and felt it was an excellent business process. We liked their ‘hands-on’ account management and flexible approach. Their goals were clearly aligned with ours and we were impressed with how they took on board our feedback. The team are clearly committed to continuous improvement when it comes to ours and their own processes. Would be happy to use the service again for suitable scaling projects.”

    Elizabeth McCarthy, Global Mobilisation Manager – DPS Group 

    Elizabeth McCarthy DPS Global Mobilisation Manager DPS Global
    DPS Outsource Recruitment Services

    Elizabeth McCarthy 
    Global Mobilisation Manager – DPS Group 

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