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Still working To the Tom sticks podcasts.

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I’m gonna, I’m gonna pass over to yourself. Give us a quick overview of who you are, what your current role is.

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Right. Thanks a lot, Brian. Thanks very much for having me. Great to be here. My name is guild defender crypto, which is what we believe to be the first specialist recruiting agency. Or specializing in recruiting within the blockchain and crypto space. So, I come from a recruiting background before that as well. Just go back a little bit of Irish moved to Sydney. So 10 years ago to those four ended up in recruitment like I think a lot of people do. In my time when another agency then I set up my own business, which was a sales recruiting business. So I did that for about 10 years. Then I moved into doing an education online education business for years, which was a government funded education business. The funding unfortunately, dried up for that. So I was kind of at a crossroads at that point, trying to figure out what to do, but I got into crypto. But the year before it just started to take off a little bit. So what I decided to do was mirror those two passions, which was great. So set that up in 2017. That’s where I have that. So doing

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it, it’s a great story. Just before we get into the recruitment side of things, I remember when we first spoke when you set up the business. I mentioned that, you know, potentially you might have been you might have been a little bit early in terms of kind of a recruitment business play in the crypto space but that seems to be if that was the case. That certainly seems not to be the case. He also recently got some great coverage in Bloomberg. So

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yeah, like any new kind of nascent industry is always going to be finding your face. So I think what I got involved in it was really started was prior just prior to Bull Run back in 2017. When the floods of people started coming in. I think a lot of the projects at that stage were really a lot of hype plus smoke and mirrors telling us and give us a lot of lip service and they were looking to hire but there’s a lot of people in crypto, who are quite a lot of scams in the industry. They were given us a lot of lip service to hire a lot of work. Make any hire so certainly some frustrations in the early days. And then we hit 2018 When the bear market hit everybody like a break in the face market just headed sad very quickly. But surprisingly enough, we’ve built up with clients some of the bigger players in the space locally sourced through bear markets. These clients are based in San Francisco, New York. We operate from Sydney actually, mostly in North America and a bit in Asia, because that’s just where we picked us. So yeah, so yeah, so the question is pretty tough to discard when it’s paid offers next the last nine months or so. We’re in a massive bull market at the moment. It’s tapered off a little bit now. The fundamentals are quite a bit stronger. It is still a nascent industry. It’s still early days, so people are still trying to find out find their feet. These projects are quite a bit of business and so we’re pretty happy with where things

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are. And in terms of looking at yourself starting out, what career advice would you give to your younger self? The do’s and don’ts?

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Yeah, back in the day, well, they could go on forever because you’re not getting there but you it really quick. I think one of the main things is to always stay humble and ask for help. Don’t ever think you’ve got all the answers. A lot of people, especially when you own a business, it’s easy to fall into the kind of control freak mode where you think that everything you say is right. It’s always important to kind of reach out and don’t know something you know, ask for help. People are much more happy to help. I know that I like to give something that everyone should do. So that’s one big thing. You know, I think it’s just important as well to kind of think every time you’re doing deals in business systems, you know, to do them quick and gentlemen, do them in a rush. like there’s no tomorrow but they come through as well at the same time. I know that sounds contradictory, but restoration is moving, taking a step and doing something as long as it’s not to the detriment of other people and learning from those mistakes. People say there’s over and over and over learn from mistakes. It’s very true. So yeah, I mean,

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what are some of the biggest mistakes you’ve made? To prepare for that? Recruitment challenges are you facing today?

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Yeah, well, probably nothing. To be honest, the age old question of supply shortage of candidates, especially in this space. Like I was saying before being a nascent industry. It’s just not the skills that their companies require. I think that’s the same across the tech space everywhere now. Certainly in Sydney here. You can see that they are providing advertisements in crypto skill sets like solidity as we’re looking for 80 or $90,000 months ago, they’re quite easily 150 to 180. There’s a lot more in some cases, they’ve had two or three years commercial experience. So yeah, so it’s just an indication of the supply shortage.

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Areas inflation continues forever. So

Unknown Speaker 8:09
I think that the market needs to know that until that supply, meets the demand or until those two curves are intersecting which could be a year or two for that is fairly long. Okay, very good. So that we’re asking is

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in the context of endemic How was how was

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your question because it’s been a bit different for us. Crypto specific. Asia has always been a little bit remote from the very start. The concept of it is centralization. Yeah. So even and that would have come through straight to the headquarters of business where he’s intellegent staff it doesn’t matter where they are plus a lot of the staff in these businesses are coders. They just want to have their fingers on the keyboard and coding all day long. They don’t need to be centralized. There is a benefit in having people in the office but you’ve got to deal with your staff one of these days. Guys. Power. So, yeah, so our front, a lot has changed except that it is expedited even further. I would say our business 90% of our clients are fully

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fair to say you’re in a space that hasn’t been impacted at all.

Unknown Speaker 9:50
Not at all. Similar to take the general crypto is in line if not stronger. Than tech in general tech at the moment.

Unknown Speaker 10:11
Remote as he likes.

Unknown Speaker 10:15
It has I got to put a finger on it. I would say 60 to 70% of businesses in crypto would have been most maybe not even that high. I think about 80% that have really shot

Unknown Speaker 10:34
in terms of what that means

Unknown Speaker 10:38
other than looking in their in their

Unknown Speaker 10:41
in their local area. They’re now accessing times. countrywide.

Unknown Speaker 10:46
Perhaps it’s an interesting observation. I mean, I was actually having this discussion that you mentioned that but a client of mine and part of part of this most remote geographical location on planet Earth. So they’re telling me they want blockchain developers in the office. I know that for two or three years, or there’s another version of the same person so we know that every recruiter has been talking to every muscle. So I’d have that discussion whether it did open it up just to surrounding areas, or Sydney Brisbane, you’d have a 20 fold increase in your ability to hire

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but they didn’t want to keep it all in the office. So it’s kind of a Yeah, absolutely. Geographic. Geographic.

Unknown Speaker 11:47
You set up what in your opinion, the future hold for businesses, when it comes to a privilege? What if anything, would be doing differently?

Unknown Speaker 12:03
Interesting as well, because I think a few years ago, everyone’s calling so people have been calling for 20 years, even longer, I

Unknown Speaker 12:11
think it was his job boards kept the job or

Unknown Speaker 12:17
there’s always a new iteration. This is. Hello, we’re in the speaking Okay,

Unknown Speaker 13:45
There we go

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recruiting businesses now, I think because I think that human interaction that ability to get on the phone, especially in a candidate short market, we don’t act as just searching selection. We do. We act on behalf of the clients. I think that’s really quite a big portion. What a client pays us to do now is to sell their company, why should this candidate choose them versus more other opportunities they have. So recruiters become more integral part are an extension of these. Yeah, so the future looks pretty good. I think we’re pretty missed. Obviously, you’re gonna find a lot of AI tech is gonna do a lot of the search and selection, you know, putting a job online, they’ve got a shortlist of candidates. But really, you’ve got to engage those candidates and I think that’s where we come in as an integral part of it. So pretty, pretty hopeful. Future. crypto. Yeah. We’re pretty bullish on the whole space as well. There’s a lot happening so I think across the board pretty safe. choice

Unknown Speaker 1:19
to view specialist recruiters versus generalist.

Unknown Speaker 1:27
To really kind of drill down into a niche. Yeah, I think so. Even even within our business, you know, we do tackle quite a different lot of different disciplines within within crypto, but we segments, each recruiter will take on a few different job titles. Yeah, there’s no last room at least for Jack Jack of all trades these days. A master of none. I think you’re really in recruiting as well. You got to be a master of your space

Unknown Speaker 2:01
that we can we can read your comments and Bloomberg News. companies out there are looking for before

Unknown Speaker 2:16
they can do and I’ve got my whatsapp number there if anyone wants to reach out directly. To join our team anywhere in the world doesn’t matter where you are. So if anyone is interested in getting into the crypto space we’d love to hear why you feel ready to listen.

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We know it’s very late to keep you up to four plastic bedtime.

Unknown Speaker 2:45
Crypto never sleeps. Never safe system for your time

Unknown Speaker 2:52
will sign up there. Thanks for having me. Thanks for listening please follow us on Spotify or major podcast platforms. Check out the renter in Australia to find out more about our monthly subscription management service

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because if you found right re Lowry oh you mind he’s gone right?

Unknown Speaker 3:25
That’s fine. You

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