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Episode 19 Future Stars: Identifying Success in Potential Hires


April 23, 2024

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Episode 19 Future Stars: Identifying Success in Potential Hires

In this episode we talk to Charlotte Melkert, co-founder of Equalture, which is revolutionising the recruitment landscape. With an eye for fairness and a passion for disrupting the status quo, she's challenging the traditional reliance on CVs and transforming how we think about talent acquisition.

Charlotte shares her views on which competencies (flexibility and learning ability) & traits (conscientiousness & proactivity) are the greatest predictors of a candidates success in the role. Charlotte gives some brilliant practical tips for how HR Managers can easily start to shift towards a competency based approach for hiring. For example 1) compare / contrast traits & competencies of your high performing teams vs your low performing teams; 2) Ask your Hiring Manager, what are the traits/competencies of the high performing individuals in your team? 3) Ask your Hiring Managers the 'Golden Question': if this person left the company tomorrow – what skills / competencies would you lose?

Finally, Charlotte shares her view of the future of Talent Acquisition becoming a key strategic pillar of every organisation.

The National Skills Bulletin 2023

The National Skills Bulletin 2023

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