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Recruitment Best Practice Diversity Equity and Inclusion DEI


October 2, 2023

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Recruitment Best Practice Diversity Equity and Inclusion DEI

Our latest episode of the Talent Fix on Recruitment and Diversity Equity and Inclusion DEI best practice with Tam Hanlon and Sheryl Lynch.

The Talent Fix


Recruitment Best Practice Diversity Equity and Inclusion DEI

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Sheryl is one of the core experts at Colectivo, a business consultancy, who has worked at EU level on projects that foster Diversity equity and inclusion. Tam is a HR leader who previously lead DE&I for EMEA for Indeed. Tam is now Frontiers Human Resource Technology Manager.

In this episode Tam and Sheryl share interesting research and practical tips for employers on how to build a more inclusive recruitment practice. Areas covered in this podcast include ‘ableism’; tips for SME’s; amazing talent available in neurodiverse workers; Skills based hiring; How AI can help remove unconscious bias; organisations to reach out to support diversity; Employer branding and reviews on Glassdoor!

Podcast Guest Image Tam Hanlon, from Indeed
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Barry Prost has 20 years experience in international recruitment and has co founded award winning brands in the sector including Propel Consult, Yala Consult, and now Rent a Recruiter, whose mission is to be a leading international, technology lead, embedded recruitment services provider with operations in Ireland, United States, Middle East and Australia.

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