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Case Study

The Missing Link


Money saved on commissions: $214,500, 16 Roles filled, 10 hard to fill roles in 10 weeks, 1379 number of candidates reached out to.


Established in 1997, The Missing Link was born from a vision to help businesses achieve their goals with the right IT solutions and services. They have 160 staff spread across Sydney, Melbourne and London and hire people from tech, security, professional services and engineering.


The Missing Link was experiencing massive growth and the HR team could not keep up with the growing list of vacancies. With a growing vacancies list and only a small HR team, TML was in desperate need of some recruiting assistance. They didn’t want to have to pay commission for 20 roles that they had advertised. They were keen to have their own TA start but, in a talent short market, the applications were not coming in. Rent a Recruiter was able to step in within a week of engagement and get started on filling the 20 open roles that the business had.


Rent a Recruiter took over the entire recruitment management for the time we worked with TML. We filled 16 roles in 12 weeks, and worked on over 20 roles simultaneously. Worked with hiring managers and key stakeholders on interview capabilities, how to make unbiased, well documented decisions, evaluate talent and problem solve candidate scenarios Rent A Recruiter was initially engaged on a 2-month contract, after being so impressed with the service, TML extended this contract for another 2 months so that Rent a Recruiter could assist with the growth path.

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  • Talent short market
  • Low application rate
  • Hard to fill tech roles
  • Stretched HR team


(based on 3 months)

  • Money saved on commissions: $214,500
  • 16 Roles filled
  • 10 hard to fill roles in 10 weeks
  • 1379 number of candidates reached out to

Linda Lyons

Human Resources Manager, The Missing Link

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