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Talent Acquisition Strategy  

Welcome to our webinar, “Transforming the Interview Experience: HR Manager’s Guide to Best Practice Techniques and Feedback.” This session is dedicated to all HR professionals who aim to excel in interviewing candidates, ensuring that their recruitment process is not only efficient but also a positive and fair experience for all participants.

In today’s job market, the way you interact with and evaluate potential candidates can set your organisation apart. This 45-minute webinar provides you with the insights and tools necessary to transform your approach to interviewing candidates. Learn from industry experts about the best practices in recruitment and how to implement innovative interview techniques that align with the latest trends and technologies.

Whether you’re looking to refine your current practices or overhaul your interview process entirely, this webinar offers valuable perspectives and practical solutions.

Webinar Overview: Interviewing Candidates

This online event is designed to modernise the way HR managers approach interviews. Learn best practice techniques for conducting interviews that yield valuable insights. In addition, discover how to provide constructive feedback to candidates that fosters growth.

What the webinar covers?

An understanding the Current Landscape: An overview of common challenges and pitfalls in traditional interview processes.

Best Practices in Interview Techniques: Insight into innovative and effective interviewing techniques that engage candidates and extract the most relevant information.
Creating a Positive Candidate Experience: Strategies to enhance the candidate experience, boosting the company’s image and attracting top talent.
Feedback Mechanisms: Guidance on how to provide constructive and timely feedback to candidates, regardless of the outcome of their interview.
Real-World Examples: Examples demonstrating how companies have successfully optimised their interview processes.

Who’s the webinar for?

This event is a must for HR professionals and anyone interested in the future of talent acquisition.

HR managers and professionals will gain actionable insights and tools to overhaul their interview processes, ultimately leading to more effective hiring and enhanced candidate experiences.

Webinar Panelists

Fredericka Sheppard Image

Fredericka Sheppard: Co-Founder and (Joint) Managing Director Voltedge Management.
Volt Management is an end-to-end HR partner for organisations. Fredericka is a Chartered Fellow of the CIPD and a Certified Management Consultant (CMC) with the IMCA. She recently completed 9 years as a member of the Executive Council of the SFA and is a serving member of the Board of the Institute of Management Consultants and Advisers and Chair of the Workplace Mediation Committee on the IPMO Board of Directors.


Adam Coleman Image

Adam Coleman: Adam is the CEO of HR Locker,
A Trusted HR Software Solution with over 55,000 User, has assists clients in developing and implementing best in class HRIS solutions. Prior to setting up HRLocker, Adam held Senior HR Positions in both O2 UK and O2 Ireland and was head of HR for Esat Digifone. He places a strong emphasis on work culture and places productivity and adult development at the centre of the HRLocker strategy.


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