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Yala | common cv mistakes episode 3- Gaps in the cv


July 11, 2022

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Yala | common cv mistakes episode 3- Gaps in the cv

CV Mistakes Part 3

In last weeks episode operations director Mark Loughlane wanted to speak to candidates about another key issue on their cv that is spotted by many recruiters daily. These mistakes can impact your ability to find a job and these key issues are what we are here to help you with.

Gaps in peoples cv tend to be something that can either slip the mind or are sometimes intentional but regardless if either they are red flags that are spotted straight away. The first point to consider by leaving gaps in your cv it may leave negative connotations to both the recruiter and the client even after it has been fixed so do avoid leaving them in your cv.

Mark recommenced that should there be a case that you need too to have gaps or you need to take time out whether it be for travel, a family member being sick or even if you do not want to disclose the reasons and keep them personal it is better to write down the dates from when you were not working in your cv just so there are no gaps regardless.

Common cv mistakes-episode 3 “Gaps in the cv”

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