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Top common cv mistakes episode 4 Images in the cv


July 11, 2022

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Top common cv mistakes episode 4 Images in the cv

CV Mistakes Part 4

Another cv mistake that seems to be common with candidates is images in your profile. This seems to be a new trend where candidates add pictures of themselves to show the employer how they appear and what they look like or describe their skills and hobbies.

In last weeks video Mark Director of operations discussed his thoughts on this growing trend. In the video he said he first discussed what the trend was and how he felt about saying that ” they make cv appear impressive and they also look smart too.”

As nice as they appear aesthetically he then states that it is not what the client is looking for practically and using this like images to describe your skills in different things from software to personal or also using them for hobbies may not help with your chances.

He then states that it is best to use words to describe your skills and experience. For more information on this and thoughts check out the video down below.

Check out Irish jobs thoughts on images in your cv as well down below

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Irish jobs images in cv

Common cv mistakes-episode 4 – Images in cv

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