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Recruitment as a Service Benefits & Cost Savings

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November 6, 2022

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Recruitment as a Service Benefits & Cost Savings

Recruitment as a Service

The concept of Recruiting as a Service is nothing new. But it’s been a long time since the idea has been more popular than ever.

The premise of Recruitment as a Service is simple: Employers pay an outsource provider to find qualified candidates for their open positions, instead of hiring internal recruiters or doing the work themselves. The benefit? It frees up those internal resources to focus on other projects, and saves the employer money in the long run by not paying for the work twice – once in terms of salary, and again with success fees when they hire someone through traditional methods.

One of the biggest benefits of Recruitment as a Service is that it allows employers to build a long-term relationship with their outsource providers, rather than signing just one contract at a time. With this type of arrangement, companies can save money because they’re not paying for each new hire separately; instead, they’re paying for the expertise and time spent finding candidates who are right for them. 

Recruitment as a Service (RaaS) is a way of recruiting that provides clients with the highly skilled talent they need at a far lower cost. The RaaS model is designed to help companies save up to 50% on agency fees, while redirecting their recruitment budget surpluses into workforce development, retention and well-being initiatives. By bringing together the skills of HR and Talent Acquisition teams, we’re able to provide our clients with a full range of recruitment services in one place.

The RaaS model has had a significant impact on key areas for our clients. They have been able to source highly skilled talent in record time, freeing up HR and Talent Acquisition teams to spend time on other important projects. They have also freed up recruitment budgets for business growth initiatives, such as workforce development or retention programs.

Recruitment as a Service options:

Small and medium-sized enterprises that hire sporadically find that ad hoc RaaS requests work perfectly for them. We offer flexible plans and placement programmes that deliver highly skilled talent to our clients. These processes are both reliable and efficient. Many of our clients continue with our placements well after our initial term ends.

At Rent a Recruiter we build trust by delivering on our promises. Our Talent Acquisition Specialists work in partnership with your HR team.  We manage the recruiter on your behalf, ensuring consistency of service at all times. We agree on deliverables ahead of time and we deliver what we promise.

We select our Talent Acquisition Partners specifically for their experience and knowledge. Our team have a combined 100 years’ expertise in international recruitment and best practice. We understand a range of industries sectors our clients operate in. Our Talent Acquisition Specialists have established networks of potential candidates that are extremely efficient and reliable. This means that when you need results quickly, we’ll get them to you before your competitors even start looking for candidates. Rent a Recruiter offers a range of services to help you recruit the best talent for your company.

Applicant Tracking Support

Recruitment is a time-consuming process, and you don’t have time to spend it managing your applicant tracking system. That’s where we come in. We’ll take care of the ATS management, so you can focus on what matters: finding the right candidate for your company. We offer ATS management and support during recruitment drives. We will track and manage applications and arrange interviews. Hiring managers and HR departments only need to become involved in the recruitment process immediately before first-round interviews.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

An Recruitment process outsourcing provider (RPO) provider acts as an in-house recruiter for businesses that need help with their hiring process. It relieves employers and HR professionals of administrative burdens and delivers a seamless, high-touch experience for job candidates.

The benefits of using an RPO provider include:

  • Better candidate experience (lower turnover rates, higher engagement)
  • Less time spent on administrative tasks (less effort spent on sourcing and hiring)
  • Better use of data analytics (more accurate assessments of candidates’ skills and fit)

Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) is a service that allows employers to outsource some of their recruiting efforts to a third party. This means that instead of handling the entire recruiting process in-house, they can outsource some parts of it to an RPO provider. An RPO provider ensures efficiency and flexibility within the recruitment process. It relieves employers and HR professionals of administrative burdens and delivers a seamless, high-touch experience for job candidates.

Executive Search

When you’re looking for an executive to fill a strategic leadership position, you need someone with the right combination of skills and experience. You also need someone who will fit into your organization’s culture, and can step right in and hit the ground running. Our Executive Search Service identifies exceptional candidates with the skills and experience to fill these positions.

We know that filling these roles is one of the most difficult challenges for many businesses—we’ve been through it ourselves! That’s why we’ve developed a process that makes sure we only ever bring you candidates who are qualified, with the potential to succeed in your business.

For more information on our service & how we can offer value, get in touch with our friendly team, we’re here to help!



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Barry Prost

Barry Prost

Managing Partner

15 years’ experience recruiting senior managers for major international consultants and contractors. Barry is one of the founding directors of Propel. Prior to this, Barry worked for 10 years for Randstad, the 2nd largest recruitment organisation in the world. Managing teams across the UK and Ireland & delivering recruitment solutions to major clients. Barry is a graduate in International Business from Trinity College Dublin. He has a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from the Smurfit School of Business.

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