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February 9, 2023

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benefits to embedded recruitment teams

Embedded Recruitment Agencies

Embedded recruitment agencies are a unique and highly effective approach to hiring top talent in today’s competitive job market. In this model, an agency’s recruiters are integrated into a company’s HR team, working alongside internal HR professionals to find and recruit the best candidates for the organization. This approach offers many benefits over traditional recruitment methods, and is becoming an increasingly popular choice for companies of all sizes and across all industries.

One of the primary benefits of an embedded recruitment agency is the increased efficiency of the hiring process. With recruiters working as an extention of the HR team, the time required for communication and coordination is greatly reduced. This results in faster and smoother hiring processes, which can save companies valuable time and resources. In addition, the close relationship between internal HR and the embedded recruiters allows for a better understanding of the company’s hiring needs and culture, which can lead to more targeted and effective recruitment efforts.

Another key advantage of our embedded recruitment model is the increased quality of the candidate pool. With recruiters working within the company, we are able to gain a deeper understanding of the company’s unique needs and culture, which allows our team to attract and identify top talent that is well-suited to the organisation. This results in higher quality hires, who are more likely to be successful in their roles and make a positive impact on the company.

The Rent a Recruiter team provide a more personalized and flexible approach to recruitment. Instead of relying on a one-size-fits-all solution, we work with each company to create a customized solution that fits their specific needs. This level of customization allows companies to optimize their recruitment processes for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

How Rent a Recruiter Works 

At Rent a Recruiter, we offer a cutting-edge technology led embedded recruitment solution. Our Talent Acquisition Specialists team up with your HR department to bring you seamless, consistent service from start to finish.

With Rent a Recruiter, you’ll enjoy the benefits of having a recruiter on your team without the hassle of managing them. We take care of everything and ensure that the recruiter is always aligned with your HR team’s needs and goals.

We believe in clear communication and setting expectations upfront. That’s why we establish deliverables before beginning the recruitment process, and we always follow through on our promises. With Rent a Recruiter, you can trust that your recruitment process will be smooth, efficient, and effective.

Embedded Recruitment Cost Savings 

Embedded recruitment agencies can offer cost savings for companies compared to traditional recruitment methods. By working closely with internal HR, the agency can help to streamline the recruitment process, reducing the time and resources required for each hire. This can result in lower overall recruitment costs for the company, while still delivering high-quality hires.

In conclusion, the embedded recruitment agency Rent a Recruiter offers many benefits over traditional recruitment methods. From increased efficiency and quality of the hiring process, to cost savings and a more personalized approach, this model is a highly effective solution for companies looking to hire top talent in today’s competitive job market. As the demand for top talent continues to grow, companies that adopt an embedded recruitment agency model are well positioned to succeed in the years to come.

Embedded Recruitment

No Commission 

We do things differently at Rent a Recruiter. We charge an all-inclusive monthly subscription with no additional fees upon placement.

This makes it easier for companies to plan ahead, and ensures we are working in line with your business goals.

Embedded Recruitment Agencies

Embedded Teams 

Unlike traditional recruitment specialists, our Talent Partners work as an extended part of your HR team.

We integrate seamlessly with existing teams and key stakeholders. We help you build  better, more diverse recruitment campaigns.

Embedded Recruitment

Data Driven Results

We focus on key actionable KPI’s and provide clear transparent reporting structures to our clients.

We monitor our customer centric approach using Net Promoter Scores to ensure we are delivering the best possible service to our client’s time and time again.

Benefits of Working with Rent a Recruiter




Trained talent specialists will work with your internal team. You will receive continuous guidance and support from our Operations Director. We provide weekly reviews to make sure you are up to date on each stage of the process.


Our aim is to start adding value from day one. We don’t hand you over to one of our staff and wish you well. We manage the recruiter on your behalf, ensuring consistency of service at all times.



We have a 3-month contract to allow you to avail of our service when you need us. After which, you can decide to stop or continue with our service. Our clients find this helpful, as they can turn the service on and off as they scale.


No commission, no fees, just results..

Barry Prost

Barry Prost

Managing Partner

15 years’ experience recruiting senior managers for major international consultants and contractors. Barry is one of the founding directors of Propel. Prior to this, Barry worked for 10 years for Randstad, the 2nd largest recruitment organisation in the world. Managing teams across the UK and Ireland & delivering recruitment solutions to major clients. Barry is a graduate in International Business from Trinity College Dublin. He has a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from the Smurfit School of Business.

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