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3 Great Reasons to switch to Subscription based Recruiting

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Subscription based recruiting Rent a Recruiter

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Traditional recruitment methods can be expensive and impersonal. Candidates prefer talking directly to the employer these days, and not a recruiter. It is now more important than ever for the employer to step up to the mark with their candidate engagement, story and journey. The recruitment process isn’t something that one should save on. It will define the path your business will go in the future, so in order to get the A-level employee, best call in the professionals.

Subscription based recruiting Rent a Recruiter

With over 7000 Talent Acquisition jobs being advertised on seek across Australia, the option to outsource this process for a short time is a no brainer for many organisations. Rent A Recruiter will not only jump in quickly to help get on top of your job openings, they will help you find your own TA if that is what you need.

Our top 3 reasons to switch to subscription based recruiting

#1: Flexibility

Similar to the RPO model that has been around for over 15 years, subscription based recruiting is even more flexible for the super agile market that we currently find ourselves in. We like to think of our service as an “agile RPO”. Normally RPOs can be overly complex projects that run for 12 months+, with a lot of commitment from both parties, lots of red tape and huge amount of effort to set up and get right. Our model works different, as we are more “plug and play”. We offer a short-term service with all the same benefits of an RPO, but without the commitment to a long term contract.

#2: Expertise

The flexibility subscription recruitment offer allows organisations to receive help across the whole talent acquisition process, from EVP and employer branding through to candidate sourcing, interviews, and offers; without adding headcount, hiring contractors, or dealing with recruitment agencies. We offer job market insights that you might not get access to as an organisation. We collect data from our entire team across the globe and nationally, to be able to bring you facts and figures that will help you to improve your recruitment process.

#3: Cost

According to statistics, companies spend 42 days on a recruitment process and $4129 per hire on average. Subscription based recruiting is a set fee that you can budget for, it won’t flex up like all salaries seem to be doing these days. You don’t pay per hire, you pay for a service, which will bring you results! One of our clients on a fully embedded plan had a one hire per week success for 5 weeks in a row.

Because of its affordability, subscription based recruitment is a great option for startups, small businesses but also any company that needs to hire people throughout the entire year. With this service you can manage your budget better and cash flow while still getting a high quality recruitment service.

If you would like to know more about how Rent A Recruiter could fit into your business, get in touch.

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No commission, no fees, no fuss. Just a monthly flexible subscription plan for when you need hiring support. Rent A Recruiter is a trading name of YALA Consult Ltd.

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