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60 Seconds with Jessica Vatoff, Director of Operations, Australia

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January 24, 2023

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60 Seconds with Enterprise Ireland -Jessica Vatoff, Director of Operations, Australia

This month, we chat to Jessica Vatoff, Director of Operations at Rent a Recruiter Australia.

After working in hospitality for over 20 years, Jessica has hired thousands of people. For the last 10 years, she has been working in the HR and the Recruitment space. She is a decisive, strategic Recruiter who leverages metrics and modern methods to seamlessly fill high-priority positions, improve processes and builds strong employer brands. Jessica is part of a number of female led groups, and is passionate about gender diversity in the workplace.

Rent a Recruiter specialises in helping business leaders and HR managers succeed by providing experienced in-house talent acquisition teams. Delivered through a dedicated monthly subscription model, Rent a Recruiter allows companies to scale quickly and efficiently.  

Jessica Vatoff, Operations Director Rent a Recruiter Australia

The Irish Advantage, Enterprise Ireland

Congratulations on launching Rent a Recruiter here. How does Rent a Recruiter help Australian businesses?  

We have been making recruitment more affordable for businesses across Australia in all sectors.

We do the hard work when it comes to finding talent, we believe business leaders and HR professionals should be able to focus on strategy and innovation rather than being held back by resource constraints or inefficient internal hiring processes.

Our cost savings vs traditional agencies can also help to free up budgets for business growth initiatives, such as workforce development or retention programs.

What are the greatest challenges and the greatest joys of working in a global, virtual team? How do you stay motivated?

Working from home is by far the greatest joy and the greatest challenge. We work hard to keep teams engaged without bombarding them with meetings. Having regular catch-ups, and generally having an open-door policy has helped keep us all connected in a virtual environment.

Staying motivated is easy when you are helping so many people. We work on a one-on-one basis with our clients and candidates. It’s important for us to build strong relationships within our teams, having a true understanding of our client’s needs is what makes our candidate placements so successful.

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