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Case Study


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Timeframe: 6 Months, 5 Placements, 6500+ reach outs in Ireland and other EU countries. 4928 reach outs in the USA & Salary Guideline Analysis


With over 500 employees around the world and an annual turnover in excess of $1bn, ESW empowers the world’s best-loved retailers and brands to make global shopping better, safer, simpler and faster, end-to-end. Their powerful combination of technology and human ingenuity delivers quick to market, asset-light solutions for brands to create localised, direct consumer relationships across 200 markets. ESW is a wholly owned subsidiary of Asendia.


The challenge was finding professionals in the eCommerce and related sectors, in Ireland, the EU and US that fit the exact criteria ESW were looking for and also supporting the administration around efficiently processing these candidates:

Our remit was to:

  • Reach out to passive candidates in Ireland, EU & US regions.
  • Conduct screening calls.
  • Arrange interviews.
  • Upload new CVs and move applications to different levels through their Database system.
  • Provide data and insight to support salary benchmarking.


Rent a Recruiter’s embedded recruitment solution was implemented to support ESW in sourcing candidates for  Technology, Sales, Legal roles for their offices in Dublin and New York. They would normally have put up ads for applicants or relied on other recruitment agencies. However, they required expert help in sourcing candidates and accurately mapping the target candidate market. They have an internal recruitment team, but it has been a big challenge for them to manage the number of vacancies currently open in the organisation on top of their recruitment administration tasks. As the roles were very niche, they needed help sourcing  suitable candidates.


The Results

  • Timeframe: 6 Months
  • 5 Placements
  • 6500+ reach outs in Ireland and other EU countries.
  • 4928 reach outs in the USA
  • Salary Guideline Analysis

Our Role:

  • Sourcing candidates.
  • Screening candidates.
  • Scheduling interviews.
  • Providing data and insights into the the targe talent marketplace.


We implemented the following process improvements for:

  • The length of the recruitment workflow in Ireland, EU and US.
  • Job descriptions.
  • Applications backlog.
  • Screening candidates in calls.
  • Scheduling of virtual interviews.
  • Selection process.


Rent a Recruiter’s embedded recruitment solution was implemented to support ESW find new talent for their opening roles. Our Account Director and Talent Partner were assigned to work with ESW,  to manage their talent acquisition function since May 2022.

During our six month term, our Talent Partner made 5 placements including:


  • Logistic Project Manager
  • PMO Analyst
  • Global Commercial Group Lead
  • Agile Delivery Manager
  • Senior Account Manager

Rent a Recruiters Talent Partner acts as ESW’s in-house Talent Acquisition Specialist, offering greater hiring efficiency without the high costs associated with agency fees. ESW were able to leverage Rent a Recruiters know-how to take the headache out of the recruitment process for the company.

Our account management team spent time meeting with the HR Executive and the Hiring Managers from different departments in order to gain a better understanding of:

  • Current requirements.
  • Ideal candidate profiles.
  • Job descriptions.
  • Company culture.

With Rent a Recruiter’s Talent Partner in place and with a detailed understand of the positions, we commenced our campaign through a combination of database sourcing.

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