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Allergan to Bring 63 More Jobs in Mayo

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April 30, 2019

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Allergan is to invest €65 million into two its Irish sites in Connaught.

The pharmaceuticals and biologics giant Allergan is to continue investing into its Irish Operations in Westport, Mayo.

It has announced that this investment will bring a further 63 jobs to its pharmaceuticals, biologics, and ocular site in Westport, Co. Mayo.

This increase will bring the total number of employed to over 2,000 in Ireland across its 4 facilities. Allergans Westport campus is its most complex facility in Ireland it includes a pharmaceutical facility, two biologics plants, and an ocular implant facility.

In addition to the almost complete €140 million new biologics site which is due to complete soon, its new investment is focused on two new manufacturing suites in for its biologics facility for one of Allergans new flagship and one of its new products in development.

This investment expands on the €50 million investment in 2018, and €42 million in 2017.

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