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Yala | Contracting and the future post covid with Jamie Groom

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June 15, 2020

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As a result of the pandemic a lot of people have lost employment and clients have been left unsure and afraid about the current market when it comes to employment. The takeaway and actually positive notes form this is that many contracting positions will now become temporary, a lot of people will now be available for different positions and contracting will now be an easier way to look for employment.

Here are some statistics that will help you understand this better too. Now the Pharma industry is at 33%, IT is at 23% and the construction is at 7% and as recruiters we see these numbers going up as time goes by. Another important note is that it will be essential to have roadmap, so people are not scared or afraid of doing contracting and have a clear idea of they can be supported.

We have also noticed that more companies our now taking a more human approach to work culture and industry therefore this would be the perfect time to take advantage of your LinkedIn by showing how you and your business are handling the issue of Covid and other things through media such photos and videos .

Check out the video discussing this down below.

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