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In-House Talent vs Recruitment Agencies

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February 20, 2023

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In-House Talent vs Recruitment Agencies

In-House Talent vs Recruitment Agencies

When it comes to recruiting new employees, there are a variety of options available to businesses.

Two of the most common options are hiring an in-house recruiter or opting for a recruiting agency. While both options can be effective, there are some key differences to consider. Lets take a look at the differences between an in-house recruiter and a recruiting agency and how our service is different.

What is an In-house Recruiter?

An in-house recruiter is a full-time employee who is responsible for managing the entire recruitment process for a company. Their primary focus is to source, screen, and hire the best candidates for the company’s open positions. In-house recruiters are typically part of the HR department and work closely with hiring managers to ensure that the company is attracting and retaining top talent.

Pros and Cons of In-house Recruiters


In-house recruiters have a deep understanding of the company culture and values, which allows them to find candidates who will fit well with the team.
In-house recruiters have more control over the recruitment process, which can result in faster time-to-hire and better quality candidates.
In-house recruiters have a better understanding of the company’s specific needs and requirements, which means they can tailor their search to find the best candidates for the job.


In-house recruiters are a fixed cost for the company, which works great for planning & recruitment budgets but may be expensive for small businesses.

What is a Recruiting Agency?

A recruiting agency is an external company that specialises in finding and hiring top talent for other companies. Recruiting agencies typically have a team of recruiters who use their expertise and network to find the best candidates for their clients. They work on a contingency or retainer basis and are paid by the company only if they successfully place a candidate.

Pros and Cons of Recruiting Agencies


Recruiting agencies have access to a large pools of candidates, including those who may not be actively looking for a job but are open to new opportunities.
Recruiting agencies have specialised knowledge and expertise in certain industries or job functions, which can result in better quality candidates.


Recruiting agencies may not have the same level of knowledge or understanding of the company culture and values, which can result in a poor fit between the candidate and the company.

Recruiting agencies may not prioritise your company’s needs as much as an in-house recruiter, as they work with multiple clients at once.
Recruiting agencies may not have the same level of control over the recruitment process as an in-house recruiter.

With the many downsides to recruitment agencies, companies are now looking at alternative options to secure talent for their organisations growth.

Our overview chart highlights the key differences in the options available.

main Feature Comparison chart for recruitment options. Inhouse, vs agency vs Rent a Recruiter

We’re not an agency, we are trusted partners

No Commission 

We do things differently at Rent a Recruiter. You pay a standard fee for talent to work on your roles exclusively. Unlike agencies we dedicate resources to find talent that will work well in your existing teams.

Our cost structure makes it easier for companies to plan ahead, and ensures we are working in line with your business goals.

Embedded Teams 

Unlike traditional recruitment agencies, our Talent Partners work as an extended part of your HR or Management team.

We integrate seamlessly with key stakeholders, to build strong, more diverse, result driven recruitment campaigns.

Data Driven Results

We focus on key actionable KPI’s and provide clear transparent reporting structures to our clients.

Embedded Recruitment
Embedded Recruitment Agencies
Embedded Recruitment

Our Client Benefits


Trained talent specialists will work with your internal team. You will receive continuous guidance and support from our Operations Director. We provide weekly reviews to make sure you are up to date on each stage of our recruitment plan.


Our aim is to start adding value from day one. We don’t hand you over to one of our staff and wish you well. We manage the recruiter on your behalf, ensuring consistency of service at all times.



We have a 3-month contract to allow you to avail of our service when you need us. After which, you can decide to stop or continue with our service. Our clients find this helpful, as they can turn the service on and off as they scale.

Reach out to our team for further assistance. We slot into your business and act as your Talent Acquisition Team on a full or part time basis. Take control of your recruitment, view our case studies for more information on how we can help!


No commission, no fees, just results..

Barry Prost

Barry Prost

Managing Partner

15 years’ experience recruiting senior managers for major international consultants and contractors. Barry is one of the founding directors of Propel. Prior to this, Barry worked for 10 years for Randstad, the 2nd largest recruitment organisation in the world. Managing teams across the UK and Ireland & delivering recruitment solutions to major clients. Barry is a graduate in International Business from Trinity College Dublin. He has a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from the Smurfit School of Business.

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