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Sunday Times: Switching to a four-day week

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August 18, 2022

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Sunday Times: Switching to a four-day week

Switching to a four day work week

– Barry Prost, Sunday Times Edition.


Barry ProstRent a Recruiter Co-founder, has featured in Sunday Times discussing how the 4-day working week can help businesses hit KPIs, increase retention rates and improve staff happiness. 

“Some companies are mixing it up, giving two half-days a week, but for impact we have given the whole staff Fridays off. If you had to pick a day, it is the least productive one, and in our sector it can be hard to get people on the phone on a Friday afternoon anyway,” Barry Prost, its co-founder, says.

The company’s three directors provide cover for the phones on a Friday. Eventually he hopes they will get Fridays off too because if senior leaders do not embrace it, his fear is that others will ultimately be discouraged from taking it too. So far that has not proven to be the case.

“In our case it is communicated as a benefit, not through a changed contract of employment,” Prost says.

“Everyone is well aware that it’s a benefit that has to be earned and that if any of the three metrics we look at drop, we will have to review it. That ensures everyone is bought in.”

Rent a Recruiter is already benefiting from increased staff retention rates. “We haven’t lost one person since we introduced it,” he says. “I think having a three-day weekend is life-changing. It’s hard to walk away from.”

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