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Case Study

Social Talent Case Study

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4 Positions, Marketing Director, Senior UX Designer, Senior Business Development Manager, Employee Experience Specialist (HR). Screened CVs and applications in 40 working days: 241, Personalised emails drafted and sent to applicants who were not successful: 231, CV : Interview Ratio: 3 : 1.


Social Talent is a privately owned, Irish Enterprise SaaS company. They are the world’s leading e-Learning platform, exclusively dedicated to improving the hiring process for all organisations. The company currently employs close to 50 people and they have clients such as IBM and Intel.


Social Talent had 4 critical vacancies – Marketing Director, Senior Business Development Manager, Employee Experience Specialist and Senior UX Designer. There was a lack of inhouse HR / Talent Acquisition resources to deal with the recruitment process and the leadership team was spending too much time dealing with recruitment instead of managing the business.

The company needed a flexible recruiting in-house team that would be responsible for the full coordination of the entire recruitment cycle including sourcing strategy development, candidate screening, arrangement of interviews and assistance with the selection process. Also, one of the main challenges of SocialTalent was to improve their employer response rate which was relatively low. Candidate experience was extremely important for Social Talent and being perceived as a ‘highly responsive’ employer to applications from job seekers was a priority.


Our account management team spent time e-meeting (due to Covid restrictions) with Hiring Managers from different departments in order to gain a better understanding of their current requirements, ideal candidate profiles, short and long-term business’ goals and the company’s culture. Offering end to end hiring support, Yala was able to streamline SocialTalent’s recruitment process, actively working on job description design, active and passive sourcing strategies, CV and phone screening candidates and evaluation and support in the decision making process. To enhance eSocial Talents’ reputation as a ‘responsive employer’, Rent a Recruiter replied to every applicant with a personalised message in a timely manner, contributing to a positive candidate experience.

Rent a Recruiter embedded recruitment solution was implemented to support
SocialTalent during this scaling up period. One Account Director and one Talent Partner were assigned to work exclusively with SocialTalent and took over their talent acquisition function in February and March 2021.

Rent a Recruiter acted as an extension of SocialTalent’s Human Resources department, offering greater hiring efficiency without the high costs associated with agency fees. SocialTalent was able to leverage Rent a Recruiters know-how to take the headache out of the recruitment process for company founders.

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Time: 2 Months



Screened CVs and applications in 40 working days: 241

Personalised emails drafted and sent to applicants who were not successful: 231

CV : Interview Ratio: 3 : 1

4 Positions Recruited for:

  • Marketing Director
  • Senior UX Designer
  • Senior Business Development Manager
  • Employee Experience Specialist (HR).

All positions brought to Interview Stage
*Client took ownership @ offer stage

All interviews arranged & attended by Rent a Recruiter.

Leadership & Hiring Manager time saved.

We engaged Rent a Recruiter to look after 3 hires for us initially. As we didn’t have the need for a full time in house recruiter –  Rent a Recruiters model was ideal for us as they could slot into our business seamlessly, use our Applicant Tracking System and act as our in house Talent Acquisition Team for the duration of the contract. We were impressed with Rent a Recruiters high level of expertise and customer focus. They delivered in 2 months what we had originally expected to take 3. We would have no hesitation in recommending Rent a Recruiter service to another business.

Vincent O'Donoghue

Co-Founder, Social Talent

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