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Points for interviewers to consider before an interview

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Points for interviewers to consider before an interview

Here are a few of the common mistake’s interviewers tend to make before an interview with a potential client.

It is common for hiring managers to make simple mistakes that they otherwise would not usually make, and it can lead to further complications down the line when in terms of interviewee and interviewer relations. Here is some advice from Hays Recruitment Christine Hayden on how to handle these mistakes and avoid them.

  •   Reading candidates CV

It may sound silly, but it can often happen that candidate’s CV is not read or gone through thoroughly so make sure to review all their work up to date and projects.

  •  Fast Judgement

It is recommended not to have any preconceived ideas about a candidate before an interview or having questions about gaps in their CV, it is better to keep an open mind and judge accordingly after speaking to the candidate then and there.

  • Arriving on time

This rule does not just apply to candidates, those conducting interviews must also arrive on time and promptly as it can have a negative effect on the candidate’s psyche

  • Bland introduction

As with most interviews make sure to explain what the company does and yourself and also the job description as well but make sure not to do in a way that is considered almost robotic, give energy and life into the introduction to help the candidate have good insight

  • Lack of interest

Make sure during the interview you are showing an in equal interest in the position and the candidate so as not to turn them off and give red flags. Make sure everything form you’re posture and speech are showing full interest and attention to the interview at hand.

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