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Yala mental health with Jamie Groom a discussion

How is Your Mental Health?

Last week our managing partner Jamie Groom sat down for a video to discuss mental health. It was important to talk about this as we now seeing a return to some normality in many different sectors from hospitality to construction.

Many people will still be suffering from the effects of quarantine and some will remain hesitant about returning to work or even leaving there home for anything besides the essentials. No matter what all these aspects will play a part on people’s mental health and those already suffering from mental health issues to begin with.

Jamie firstly spoke about his own experience with how the lock down has a had on him and his family who were trying to deal with many changes form working at home to home schooling and the difficulties these brought. He also spoke on the dangers of social media and to avoid negative or fake news and articles that could play on your anxiety.

Watch Video: Mental Health with Jamie Groom pre and post covid.

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