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Yala | UPMC is to create 60 new jobs in Kilkenny over 3 years

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UPMC the US company that provides services such as healthcare and insurance now have plans with the addition of their new technological centre to in a span of three years create 60 new job opportunities in Kilkenny.

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They will be looking to employ the likes of engineers, IT managers and security analysist to their company. Their reason for picking Kilkenny of all places to set up their new space is due to the fact they want to provide a service at its highest capability while keeping it low cost and Kilkenny is the perfect spot for them to do so.

With a welcoming environment and friendly space for start up companies it was easy for the company to pick their location for base of operations. The company currently employs up to 475 people spread out around other locations they have in Waterford, Cork, Carlow and Kildare.

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