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How to better connect and network working remotely

If you question how it would be possible to connect with people remotely compared to how you would usually then don’t worry, we can help with some tips and hints on how to do so.

The first thing to consider is how much experience you have in doing this and if it is not as much as you would like then to be prepared to put yourself out there.

One tip you can make use of is meet ups and virtual ones at that. Organise zoom calls with connections you know or possibly clients and ask them to bring people too so you can have a bigger pool of people to get to know and connect with. Using video is best practice as it is a more human approach and allows for people to get to know you.

Another way of generating more meaningful connections and sometimes in huge amounts too may be to use of online events in the case of hosting them or attending them. Webinars are a classic example of  this as they can be great places to meet people of like minds or you could host one where people would be interested in getting to know you even after the event too.

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