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Tips for recruiting remotely by MSD’s Maria Cullen

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Tips for recruiting remotely by MSD’s Maria Cullen

As the COVID-19 crisis continues, working from home is now a hot topic and with some expert advice here is how to go about doing it.

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The recent Covid crisis has put many people in a situation where they are working from home which may be a new territory and experience for them altogether. However, Maria Cullen from MSD has had a large amount of experience on how to work remotely so much of her working pattern has not changed.

In a series of points, she gave her opinion on how to handle the current crisis and situation. For example, she said that ‘Now more than ever, talent acquisition professionals need to be creative, flexible, adaptable and empathetic’ stating that their approach must now be able to handle different scenarios during these uncertain times.

She also said that one of the most overlooked and important ways to improve results for talent acquisition is to always use the feedback given back to improve the service that they offer and also to gain more experience to help more candidates on what worked and didn’t work on an continuing basis.

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