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Mistakes companies are making doing remote working

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Mistakes companies are making doing remote working

More than ever remote working is being used by companies post Covid-19. However, there are mistakes that companies are making in relation to it and HubSpot helped point out a few.

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One of the first things that must be accounted for when working from home is the difference in people’s location and timing. You may have workers who are remote from different countries that have different time zones and who do not work at the same time as you do. Therefore, do not fall into the trap of using synchronised communication when dealing with remote workers and instead opting for asynchronous communication as it allows for adaptability and ease for information distribution between workers.

Another mistake that can be made is if a company has not put significant effort into their work culture. This is because one of the issues with remote working is the disconnect from the rest of team or potentially the mental fatigue and loneliness it may bring as a result.  Therefore, its recommended to improve social and team connections with constant communication and social events.

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