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How Covid-19 is affecting Ireland’s recruitment industry

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How Covid-19 is affecting Ireland’s recruitment industry

With the recent outbreak of the Covid-19 virus there has been discussion on how it is affecting the recruitment industry.

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The biggest fear right now is the cases of job stability and safety due to the problematic nature of Covid-19. There are several different industries taking quite a significant loss right now, but the question leads to how the recruitment industry is handling itself during such uncertain times.

The shipping and delivery sector has now had a huge boost of employment due to people practising social distancing, other sectors especially the most major one being the healthcare sector as they are on the frontline handling the virus there has been a huge amount of drive in hiring for those positions related to that industry with the HSE leading the a massive recruitment drive in Ireland itself.

Other sectors such as food and retail and supply have also seen an increase in their recruitment with many jobs vacancies looking to be filled as they are now considered essential jobs. But with all the new opportunity in those sectors we are also reminded other industries such as the restaurant and pub sector and hospitality are seeing huge amounts of unemployment and job losses.

Also there’s been a huge focus on remote working and remote interview technology and best practices and it would be recommended that if searching for jobs now would be the best time for employees to use this to their advantage and employers to avail of new technologies too to allow for smooth process of recruitment during this period.

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