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Approval Given for $4bn Expansion for Intel Development

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Approval Given for $4bn Expansion for Intel Development

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Kildare County Council has approved the $4bn expansion for Intel’s new Fab fabrication facility in Leixlip, Co. Kildare.

The permission granted provides 10-year permission. Additionally, Intel will provide €9.7 mn in contributions for public infrastructure. The scale of the contribution is part of 34 conditions set out as part of permission due to the size of the development proposed.

The planning permission which was granted comes following another €4 bn development approved three years ago for the first phase of Intel’s Fab facility and represent a total of an €8bn investment.

In total it represents a the single largest investment into the state which at peak will have 6,000 construction workers and once finished will have 1,600 permanent workers employed at its Fab facility.

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