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There has been lots of discussion about “returning to normal” across all industries and we at Yala have been having that discussion ourselves on what would be the best and most appropriate time to return to the office, and is it even feasible to begin with?

First and foremost, we must always consider government regulations and health guidelines before making any decisions on people coming back to the office. As it stands, we will remain working at home for the time being.

Management at Yala also decided to do a survey throwing out ideas for people returning back to work and how it would be done, then it leading to a round table “Zoom” discussion where we discussed as a team the difficulties and the reality of us returning back.

For our staff and I’m sure for many others employees out there. The main concern was the use public transport. Which certainly makes a sense, as it’s a “public” transport and you would be heavily reliant on how other members of the public behave on the buses or luas lines. Even at this moment in time, the mandatory mask wearing on public transport is not enforceable by law, but there is talk that legislation will be brought in next week to help.

The earliest we will have  Dublin based staff returning is after the final phase on 20th July. As always, we continue to operate as normal and aim to provide a high quality service.


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