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Hitting your goals and objectives with these tips and tricks

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Hitting your goals and objectives with these tips and tricks

  Hitting your goal and objectives increases your motivation to work harder and helps your future successes. But, yes, there are some circumstances that will stop you from reaching your goals. A few of these include poor organization or communication with clients resulting in bad lists or too few contacts to call on. So we need to take a look at ways to ensure you hit that goal, every time! Have your goals written down: Always write down your goals, sometimes we can forget why we are working so hard. Also work back on your goals e.g. if you want to make 100 calls per week work out how many you need to make per day; 20 calls * 5 days =100. Keeping it simple makes your goals more achievable. Work harder, come in Early or Stay Late: This is a great way to organize your day, sometimes you have to go that extra hour to hit a tough goal. Coming in early or working late allows you to get organized and plan out your day better; this will leave you with more time during the day. It is very much a numbers game; so the more people you call, the more people you will talk to and the more interested people you will find, so coming in early or working late lets you arrange your day better so you can hit these targets. Having a Good Night’s Sleep and exercise: To be at your best in anything you have to be a fit and rested. A good night’s sleep, healthy diet and a little excersive will go a long way. No client wants to talk to someone who sounds like they might fall asleep at the other end of the phone. If you don’t have the energy to be excited your client certainly won’t either. So a good night’s sleep, healthy diet and regular exercise and you’ll notice a huge difference. Constantly monitor you progress: It is important to continuously ask the question of “am I hitting my goals/daily plan” If the answer is no, then you need to look at the goals you have set and focus better on your time management. Understand what is holding you back and deal with it ASAP as you do not want to leave a problem lying, it’s always better to hit the problem head on. Reward your accomplishments: When you have hit a milestone in your goals reward yourself, remember you have to enjoy what you are doing, so a little reward here and there will let you acknowledge your hard work and help you realize you are closer to your goal.

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