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Deeper look into video interview technology part 1

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Video are becoming the hot topic now becoming important for any roles right now still active currently, and at Yala we are seeing positions gone to offer stage with a single round of video interviews alone. The assumption is some of these practices will stay in place even after the Covid virus passes away so now more then ever it will be important to understand video interview technology which is great news. We have for your benefit broken them into four important points.

  • Technology
  • Surroundings
  • Dress code
  • Good Impressions.


The first one this week we talk about when it comes to video technology is camera quality and for those of us not using high end laptops you will realize the camera quality and resolution is not as good as the one on your normal smartphones therefore it is okay to use your phone for video interviews as you will be able to be seen better.

Next, we will talk about sound and how to be clearly heard and the best practices for that which we have found. Again to note  sound quality through just your normal laptop during an interview may not be as clear so we recommend again that you using your smartphone as it is a great option too for sound issues, when living in a home where noise may be frequent it is also recommended that use the likes of headphones or ear phones to avoid background noise during your interview.

Finally, on that note be aware of the different use of Wifi and data use as with using data it may interfere with the video speed and downloading speed possibly effecting your video too. Best of all the tips is too practice beforehand with the equipment and yourself on how to present yourself during the interview.

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